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Aims & Objects



To provide a holistic approach for the service of humanity without any discrimination of caste, creed, belief, faith, race, colour, language, religion and nationality;

To provide methodology for awakening of the inherent dignity in an individual for the common good of humanity and world peace;

To provide the basic infrastructure and emotional strength to face the calamities in life.


Aims & Objects

  • To provide maternity, health care, child welfare, nursing and ambulance services.
  • To provide relief for the mitigation of suffering caused by epidemics, earthquakes, famines, floods, draughts and others / calamities.
  • To provides surgical, pharmaceuticals, fixtures, appliances, instruments and necessary garments, etc., to hospitals and health institutions.
  • To present the Society on other National and International Committees and Institutions furthering objects similar to those of this Society.
  • To provide aid to the demobilized, sick and wounded members of the Armed Forces of the Union and civilian victims of war, in accordance with the terms and spirit of the Geneva Convention and discharge all other obligations devolving upon the Society under the Convention of the recognized auxiliaries of the Armed Forces Medical Services.
  • To establish and maintain peace amongst all nations in accordance with the decisions of the Geneva Convention.
  • To hold diagnostic medical and eye camps to provide free medical help and treatment to all the needy and poor people.
  • To train the volunteers in first aid and to handle the emergencies during natural calamities and for pursuing the aims of society.
  • To improve rural and urban health and hygiene.
  • To undertake mass communication for prevention of Aids and create awareness about it.
  • To carry out de-addiction.
  • To help mentally retarded and infirm to up keep the mental hygiene.
  • To arrange seminars, conferences for promotion of family planning.
  • To provide similar veterinary services to animals and
  • To do all things incidental to above objects.