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About Us

About Us


Firstly, we are thankful for expressing your wish to know about us & trust shown towards this organization.

We have a pleasure to introduce our red swastik society (ngo) working in the field of health & promoting the oriental in magnanimity. It represents the most auspicious symbol "swastik” which menace well being of everyone without any discrimination of caste, creed, faith, colour or nationality.

Red swastik society is a non-sectarian, non-political & non- religious humanitarian registered charitable organization working in the field for the past 12 years & 'intends to promote indian magnanimity world over.

It is founded on 12th of january 2001 & dedicated to swami vivekanand, who is pioneer in promoting indian ethics before the world community for the first time. We could establish 58 branches all over india including & 5 overseas branches viz., u.s.a, mauritius, london (u.k), dubai (u.a.e), ' & kenya. This organization has a fleet of 19 ambulances working for the victims of railways, highways & other accidents.

it covers all health related aspects such as cancer check-up camps, provision of artificial limbs, eye-check-up & cataract operations & cleft lip surgery (etc. Throughout india helping the neglected strata of the society. It provides training for handling the natur (megadisaster & provides the health service during the mega events like largest congregation on earth i.e. kumbh- mela at nashik, ujjain, haridwar, allahabad and during the pilgrimage to pandharpur. It had built two schools for the tsunami affected children at nagapattanam, tamil nadu, besides providing the medical assistance to the injured.

The journey of humanitarian services starting from the earthquake of bhuj, gujarat to tsunami in tamil nadu & floods in mumbai & other places is at our credit. All this can happen through the generosity shown by various donors & supporters. So far we are able to serve more than 40 laos affected person & tried to provide solace to the sufferers.

A project for senior citizen & orphans has been undertaken at village chature, tal kalyan, dist. Thane on the 4 acres land the total cost of the project is about rs. 6 crores which is going to provide shelter to 200 senior citizen & about 100 orphans. This project 18 under construction but it is badly in the need of fund for completion of the construction. Therefore we request you to kindly donate us generously for this project.

We have described our self in brief & detail through our website www.redswastik.org /.com/.net to know more about us. Kindly visit to our website to know more about us.



To provide a holistic approach for the service of humanity without any discrimination of caste, creed, belief, faith, race, colour, language, religion and nationality;

To provide methodology for awakening of the inherent dignity in an individual for the common good of humanity and world peace;

To provide the basic infrastructure and emotional strength to face the calamities in life.


Fields of work

  • Primary field of work: Health & Medicine organizes health camps
  • Secondary field of work: Environment
  • Tertiary field of work: Community Development and Service


Services at Glance

Provided health services during Mega events Kumbha Mela through make shift camps-

  • Sinhasta-Nashik in year 2003 to 2,10,098 pilgrims;
  • Ujjain in year 2004  to 4,00,905 pilgrims;
  • Haridwar in year 2010 to 3,42,000 pilgrims;
  • Maha Kumbha Mela at Prayag (Allhabad) in Year 2013 to 5,25,000 pilgrims.
  • Sinhastha Kumbh-Mela 2015 (Nashik) to 150000 pilgrims
  • Provides 3 ambulances and Doctors every year for Pandharpur Wari from Pune to Pandharpur with Sant Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi  & provided services to 6,83,379 warkaries by Pune branch and Paithan to Pandharpur with Sant Eknath Maharaj Palkhi by Aurangabad branch and provided health services to 1,27,475 warkaries till 2016.
  • Assists in cataract, squint eyes operations & checkups and operations.
  • Provides artificial limbs & calipers.
  • Organizes awareness camps on cancer, AIDS, T.B. & blood disorders.
  • Provides financial assistance for heart operations.
  • Assists in plastic, cosmetic, limbs & minor surgery for burns.
  • Works for Special Children / Down Syndrome.
  • Trains Volunteers for Disaster Management.
  • Constructing campus named as Shiwalaya – a Home for senior citizen on the land donated by Shri Acharekar, Mumbai through shri Shiwa and Dr Girish Latke, Kalyan
  • Provided 13 ambulance on major Railway Stations of Mumbai city to reach out the victim of the accident on Railways – attended 12,232  calls, saved 7586 lives and helped in shifting 3,638 dead bodies.
  • Provided 5 ambulance services on NH3 & NH8 – Highways and attended 1627 calls, saved 2831 lives and helped in shifting 279 dead bodies.
  • Provded ambulance and health services during floods in Mumbai (2005) – 1,11,842,  Gujarat (2006) – 8,346 & Bihar (2010) – 4,00,000 Floods.
  • In 2005 provided health services and assistance to the 15,942 – Tsunami affected families and built two school buildings at Nagapattinam distt. of Tamilnadu for Tsunami affected children with the help of CAMA – Chemical and Alkali’s Merchants Association, Mumbai through Shri NBH Kulkarni and Natrajan Damyanti School of Nagapattinam, TN.